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Need help with your Digital Marketing?

I can help you build a thriving business and achieve your goals. I’m a freelancer who offers introvert-friendly and neurodivergent-friendly digital marketing solutions for entrepreneurs and SMEs all around the world.


Technical and on-page Search Engine Optimisation.


Google Ad, Meta Ads and everything in-between.


Responsive WordPress websites with SEO and security.

Freelance Marketing Services

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Google Ads

I can set up your search ad and social media ad campaigns, monitor the analytics, create reports, manage your ad budget, do keyword research for your brand, and tweak and refine your campaigns each month to optimise the results.

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I want your business to show up when your target market searches for your products or services. I'm specialised in technical and on-page SEO and can do a deep-dive analysis of your website, and offer suggestions on how to improve your Search Engine Optimization.

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Web Design

I can analyse your website and suggest ways that you could improve the overall design and usability for your potential clients. If you need a simple website designed, or domains and hosting, I can help with that too.

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Video Editing

I work alongside Nick VT Videography to film and edit videos for ads, reels, YouTube channels, podcasts and more - in the right tone and style to reach your target market.

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Brand Identity

I offer guidance with choosing the right logo, fonts and colours to send the right message to your ideal target market, and can assist with developing a brand personality for your business that stands on its own.

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AI Generated Content

Unleash the power of AI! I can generate unique and engaging content tailored to your brand. Articles, blog posts, unique photos and illustrated images – all with your specific voice and target audience in mind.

I get it.

After years of finding ways to overcome the obstacles and hurdles that I’ve faced in an extroverted business world, I’m now able to share some of what I’ve learned with business owners and entrepreneurs who deal with anxieties, ADHD and introvert personalities.

I now offer my skills and experience on a freelance basis, and I’ve teamed up with some other likeminded creative and skilled freelancers who also get it. We understand the challenges you face, and we’re passionate about helping you succeed. 

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert business owner, I can help you too, in a way that works for both of us.

– Kim

I'd like to help your business succeed.

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